• "I wish that I could be like the cool kids, cause all the cool kids they seem to fit in"
  • read if you want I dont really care
  • "I'll cross my heart, hope to die, dancing on my grave tonight....."

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  • Happy belated birthday to Luke, Eleanor and Theo! :) xx
  • life is like a book, i just havent read all pages yet.

  • a list of your favourite celebrities being trash
  • please don't say it's getting late, i want more time to feel this way
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  • "If you chase me, it's only because you want me. But, if you beg for me, then I know its because you need me"
  • "Life is hard. I should know. I see death every day" (BTSOM)
  • "I'm a danger to myself" (BTSOM)
  • "I do anything for him!" "Would you die for him?" (OUAT)

  • I traded everything for this and now it's gone.
  • One day we won't feel this pain anymore.
  • I don't even know. Eating Diner?
  • You see love’s a funny thing the way it lingers in the mind.
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